Friday, 15 March 2013

First Wander Alpha Version Released

We're excited to say that the first alpha release of Wander will be available today! If you have already signed up, expect an email in the next few days with details on how to download the alpha. We will be releasing it to a small group first with a few different test systems and then making it available to more people each day, as we expect to find some small bugs early on and don't want to make everyone hit the same bug. The main purpose of this step of alpha is to test in the multiplayer part of the system is working correctly. The game mechanics are very limited at the moment, and many parts of the game are still to be added. We really want to make it clear that Wander is far from finished yet, and there is more stuff on our todo list than on our done list but that this is an important step. The main technical stuff is done and now we can focus on the overall experience.

What should you test in this stage of the alpha:

  • try find each of the character unlocks, there are 3 in the alpha: Elf, Griffin and Azartash
  • try to find where a shelter is, in case there is a storm
  • try and find one of the flowers and pick it
  • fly somewhere
  • look at the waterfalls
  • chat to other players
If you have a multi gpu system (SLI/CrossFire) we'd love if you could tell us your FPS with all gpu's active and with some disabled

Known bugs:

can't look around with the mouse while flying
some rocks are missing collision meshes
performance is pretty terrible
you can walk through trees
tree rendering bug with water overlapping

We are not the kind of game that requires you to sign an NDA and not talk about anything during alpha testing. We'd love if you posted any screen shots or videos of Wander any where you want and you are encouraged to discuss your ideas about the game. Please make sure to mention that it's from the early alpha release and isn't what the final game will look like. Also if you're running on anything but the best settings, please mention that. The alpha is missing a lot of important stuff that will be in the version released in July, but we think it's important to get feedback from players now.

When you find a bug, or have any feedback, please post in the appropriate part of the forums. We will be adding sections for each.

Thanks to everyone who is testing Wander and everyone who has supported the game so far. We're really excited to hear your feedback. 

Wander is brought to you by:
Aaron, Anjay, Alex, Birrin, Chris, Daniel, David, David, Elaine, Garth, Jack, Joe, Justin, Loki, Sarah, Shelley, Sinead, Tadgh, YueYue


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  9. The game mechanics are extremely restricted right now. do my assignment paper and many pieces of the game are still to be added. We truly need to clarify that Meander is a long way from completed at this point, and there is more stuff on our plan for the day than on our done rundown yet that this is a significant advance.

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