Thursday 20 June 2013

Level Design Updates from Aaron

Dear fellow Wanderers,

It's Aaron or known as SkadiWu on the forums. Haven't seen many players Wandering around lately so I'm writing a letter to see how you all are! The team are busy working on their parts to make this game a fantastic experience for you all to enjoy.

Loki is hard at work positioning bar of "multitasker" to grand new heights  He has the first round of character powers coming. Also he's focused on some performance issues. 

The modelers are busy making coral, elvish like structures and we have plenty of new content to work with!

The Sound team are busy adding affects to every corner of the world and focusing on minute details that makes the world come alive. I was shocked the other day when I was flying through the flight challenge to hear a chime. I didn't know that had happened and was very excited lol

I've attached some photos of things I've been working for level design purposes! Sarah and I have divided the world up and are working together to get things popping up on all the islands. So all of those testers that said "typical put things where we've already explored!" Well... We can't help you've gone around the world with your Griffon and scouted the whole place out! You're just going to have to do it again... and again

First up I'll point out that these shots are currently "as is" in the environment. So expect more/less trees, debry, grass,lifts and dips in the terrain and maybe a spice or two before release. I'll keep you posted as they progress.

Griffon Roost

All Griffons need to come from somewhere. So I decided to give Griffons a roost / nesting ground / sanctuary. Here is the beginnings of the design for the roost. There is a mountain trail to the top for adventurous Elves. There is also alcoves dotted around this mountain with griffon nests tucked inside.

Hidden Ancient Environment #1
Dotted around the islands will be ruined structures. Some more intact than others. Some may hold secrets. Some may not. Regardless they will be a joy to explore and discover the mysteries. 

This one lies in a large flat area surrounded by dense forest

Hidden Ancient Environment #2
This one lies in a tight valley with two gateways concealing a few crumbling buildings.