Saturday 31 August 2013

PAX Prime and open beta launch!

We're very excited to be in America for PAX Prime. Come and check out Wander at the AIE Booth, number 6002. We will be showing Wander with the Oculus Rift and our new support for XBox360 and PS3 controllers.

There have been a huge amount of changes made on Wander since PAX Australia. Crystal has finished writing a significant amount of lore for Wander and we have a rich backstory now. We're very excited to have people finding it around the world and coming to understand the cultures in Wander. The lore can be found around the world as stones that talk to you when your close to them. The stones are voiced by Elaine, Gaelle and Meaghan. They were recorded by Elaine. We have also fixed some major bugs, improved performance, added support for XBox360 and PS3 Controllers, run time switching between Oculus Rift and normal mode.

As always Sarah, Aaron and the rest of the team have been hard at work adding detail to Wander and improving the experience. David has been working on designing the new controller control schemes and coming up with some amazing ideas for what comes next in Wander. We're going to need some help from you to decide what of these to focus on next. We will be running a few polls to find what's most important for Wander.

Major news is that the beta of Wander is available to purchase on our site, we will hopefully soon be on Desura and GamersGate. If you would like to purchase Wander through Steam, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight. Our site includes a huge range of ways to support the development of Wander, including designing variations of existing characters and even supporting the creation of a whole new playable form of your design. If you supported our IndieGoGo campaign you'll get details on how to get the latest version of Wander soon.

We're looking forward to chatting at PAX Prime and seeing you in game!