Tuesday 29 September 2015

Major September Patch

The most recent patch is a big one.  As always you can look at the Trello roadmap to see what is being worked on: https://trello.com/b/wT1LGxav/wander-roadmap

The major thing to check out is the new flight controls and skydiving system. Q and E on a keyboard now tuck the wings. It feels better when using a controller, when the triggers are mapped to wing tucking, which makes you turn more sharply.

New Features
• Rain / storms in weather system
• Full weather system from real world weather data
• Additional griffins
• Clearer intro tutorial
• Floating island renovations
• Improve underwater look
• Nice roll animation for hira landing
• Improve fast turn / dive controls, wings can be tuck individually, with analog control
• Improved skydiving mechanics with animations for turning
• Reset from start button in menu
• English subtitles
• Look poses, so character looks in camera direction
• Lighting improvements SSDO
• SSDO color bleeding
• Lighting on transparent objects
• Glass / crystals shader improvements
• Improved LOD system
• Improved temporal anti-aliasing

Bug Fixes
• Fix griffin jump animation
• Trophy fixes
• Fireflies fixes
• Lots of other small fixes
• Fix occasional physics crash bug
• UI fixes
• Flicker in glowing / glass plants and crystals fixed