Tuesday 18 November 2014

Wander: Season 1, Episode 1 this Wednesday 19th, 4pm PST

I'm very excited that the first episode of our live streamed drama will be starting this week. Episode 1 will be live this Wednesday 19th of November, 4pm PST (7pm EST, 20th 12am GMT and 11am AEST)

Watch live video from Wander on www.twitch.tv
In Season 1 we're going to be following Sylvania, a young Oren, as she explores her dream of flying and realises that what she is, isn't all she can be. The series features a talented cast of actors and Qiao Li as the Director Of Photography. Live machinima hasn't been tried much before (or even at all on Twitch that we know about!) so we're pretty excited to be breaking some new ground. 

As well as getting much deeper into the narrative of Wander, we're also going to be showing off a lot of new content and features. 

We're also excited (we are a lot at the moment!) to announce that we will be in Las Vegas next month for PlayStation Experience. Come check out Wander there!