Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Global Game Jam

It's been a busy weekend for the Wander team! Quite a few of us were at the Global Game Jam and spent the weekend making games involving the theme, the sound of a heartbeat. We're pretty excited to be back to working on Wander though.

The sound team have been hard at work recording character and atmospheric sounds. We're looking forward to rendering them beautifully in the world, but that is currently a bit confusing as neither FMOD or WWise support headphone 3D sound (HRTF). Currently it looks like we will have to work out how to integrate OpenAL-soft into Unity. If anyone knows anything about this, or the use of HRTF/Ambisonics in Unity please get in contact.

David and the rest of the game design team have been busy over the last week designing the tasks (quests and puzzles) for the tropical planet. We're really excited to test a few of these over the next two weeks coming up to the next internal release.

The big news of the last few weeks is all the progress on environmental art. Garth has produced some great looking terrain using L3DT, extensive hand sculpting and some custom shaders. We will be putting up some work-in-progress images to give some background to the terrain creation process.


  1. Should we, linux users, worry that you are using Unity while there is no Unity client for linux yet?

  2. Linux support is actually the main reason we went for Unity 4 over CryEngine 3. CryEngine was very impressive but lacked Linux support. We are very dedicated to getting good Linux support. Alas the Mac port won't be as pretty due to the very old version of OpenGL that Apple ship.

    We are going to release Wander on the Ubuntu store as well as hopefully through Steam (which is now available for Linux as well)

    It will be great to have people on all of our supported platforms involved in the alpha and beta process.

  3. We're going to try to make it the best experience possible on all three platforms and different hardware. Hopefully we can make it so that if you have an older computer it'll just not look as pretty, but Wander is graphically intensive game.

  4. Thank you so much for your complete reply!

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